Sawater (Anti-vision Curtains )

SAWATER (anti-visions curtains): of high-density polyethylene netting cloth.
SAWATER (anti-visions curtains): of PVC & PVDF tarpaulin covers.
SAWATER (anti-visions curtains): of louvers & slides of wooden plastic.

Manufacturing of anti-vision curtains is one of our main products due to the demand of the consumer to block the vision between neighbors (between the villas and buildings) which fixed on the walls around the buildings, and on the walls surrounding swimming pool and schools and so on.

We are in Shades Systems (not only in the manufacture of this product, but better), so we developed this product under the auspices of a permanent development and innovation in order to offer the best possible specifications for the anti-vision curtains.

We are in (Shades Systems) Team harmonious and integrated, in order to produce integrated product specifications, technical aspects of aesthetic and economic.

Our prices are always modest and compatible with the specifications that we provide, and are suitable for all customer segments.

The fabrics of our anti-vision curtains are manufactured from the finest and best products to resist the global factors, which has resistant to the nature factors and resistant to high temperatures, especially in countries of the Arabian Gulf, and resistant to ultraviolet rays harmful to human health.

Anti-vision curtains are made from high quality materials with international standards mismatch material (polyethylene) netting, which gives a shadow rate of more than 95% manufactured in the best of the global factories.

Our product of anti-vision curtains can be arranged in sizes and dimensions more than you can imagine, so no matter what your needs are and your intentions.

We are in order of blinds in the size and dimensions suitable to give you exactly the blinds as you want to block the vision of your neighbors or passers-by the way and your surfaces or your swimming pool to become immune to all hackers, and you feel your privacy.

All our installation staff is very well trained and have good experience with shade structures and covers to give a successful work to offering you maximum safety and protection, What's more we offer a free consultation.

We have various shapes and sizes are available so that you can choose the best curtains for your needs with light weight materials to be easy in installation and removal as the netting cloth (polyethylene) resistant to the elements, which are resistant to a period of ten years and more.

We also have anti-vision curtains manufacturer of the structure of iron and wood of plastic strips, which resembles natural wood curtain shall be a form of stock gives additional beauty to your home, and this type of material to resist more than twenty years.

Our aim is not only to sell - but our aim is to offer the best what we sell to our customers and meet their desire and make his request.