Permanent Tents - Arabian Type1

Permanent tents: of PVC & PVDF covers.
Permanent tents: of German high quality hair.
Permanent tents: of Arabian type

According to the nature of people in Arabian Peninsula, and their attachment to their heritage and the heritage of their ancestors, therefore the houses of Arabian poetry are the most important of our products and our concerns.

These permanent tents with Arabian type as a ( hospitality Majlis), are installed in the house courtyard, or in the gardens, or on the roofs of houses, or in the courtyards of recreational areas, or as Majlis for the restaurants and cafes.

We are in (Shades Systems) manufacturing these tents by taking into our considers the design and the shape, to have ultimately design mixed with modern technology and the authenticity of heritage.

These tents is a structure of metal tubes, the metal structure is formed in a manner commensurate with the required tent, which determined by professional engineers, taking into account the size of each tent to determine the structure and the quality.
In covering these tents we are using the material membrane construction (PVC), heavy duty and strong materials with high quality and attractive colors and multiple, including resembled the color of the house of Arabian >
We import this material from the finest products, national and international companies, and what distinguishes the use of this material instead of the hair of animal used in houses because it does not have an unpleasant smell as in the hair and the water or dust or humidity are not punctuated, where the bacteria do not live there, so its very safe for human use.
The internal fabrics of tents are of various types, depending on moods and desires, but common ones cloth (Sadu), which is often made from fabrics Interior tents Badia and consistent with the Arab Bedouin > We are installing layers of thermal insulation between the layers of fabrics as well as an insulation layer to light.
We installing doors and windows of the best types of aluminum and glass using the special glass to be safe (Sekorit) since if it is broken is broken down to very small pieces cubic harmless.

We install the internal electrical wiring network for the tent, taking into account the world-class safety standards in the implementation and on the assets of Action adopted by all major companies.

In implementing these tents we put in our considerations as the first thing that these tents for the hospitality, therefore we are keen these tents that we produce a distinctive high-quality, great-looking (attributes of ownership), and use materials that are resistant to many years a very high standard commensurate with each use.

Our installation stuff is professional & qualified with high experience to ensure successful business, and achieve maximum safety and protection. And more, we offer free advices to our customers.

Our products of these tents are (a combination of modern and heritage).

Our aim is not only to sell - but our aim is to offer the best what we sell to our customers and meet their desire and make his request.